Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Bye, Net ;>

Hayyst. I am excited na to be a Sophomore student. yay. =)) But I'll miss blogging uhh. And I'll miss the moment that I have nothing to do and so bored. I'll buy supplies today! =)) Ako lang. HAHAHAHA. > :))

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi Chemska ;""> May Formspring ka na din ;P

Blank ;'>

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yesss! =))

I love tumblr for now. Hating Facebook already ;>

What a day?!

it's been a tired day :( but promise, so unforgettacle and I superb enjoyed the bond together with my fam ;) First my father in Festi and my Mother in Hype. Basta, I had a great day ever. I love them so much =)))

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Angela panget mo

Ikaw ano ka?

Blank ;'>


Bitch slap :>

Blank ;'>

See yah tomorrow, Kyla :"">

Yey! We will going to play badminton at 7am. OMG. Magigising kaya ako? O.O Goodluck, Angela :>

Angela why you're so fat? :(

Aww. I feel i got so fat. Because I am bored so I am going to eat nalang :i But I promised. Before school days. I'll diet! Yayyyyyy.

Goodevening, Blogspot :">

I think of having anice day today. I ahd bond with my Mom ;) Me likey!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ok. I want to sleep ;3 Because of the hotness ;D LOL

Dear May,

Please rest. Don't lend June to pass by. I am still enjoying my vacation. BS.


I love you Blogspot! You make my emotions lend here ;3 I posted anything here, that they didn't know like that ;> I never regret you. I am crazyyyyyyyyyyyy frog! ;>

Duh! I hate her plus these ;)))

I don't know. Fried Chicken, please get lost. Get downnnnnnnnnn. ;>


So hooooooooooooot!
Fashion without guilt. :) I love these **


Gotta go to Sm ;> Haystt. I am bored, really O.O Like LOL. I ate chix. ;3

Hmmm. Well then say you had a guy friend who admitted to you that he had a huge fantasy of having someone watching him masturbating. And you were the only person he trusted to ask. How would you react then?

OMG like that.Idk like Id think so. Well, Thanks for the effort, for the questions.

Blank ;'>


Helllo ;>

Blank ;'>


Hello ;""> Because of the hotness. I got an head ache. Oh my momay. :"> WtFAt. Still aching. O.O I need ice right now please?

Monday, May 3, 2010

yah :) why??

Wla po :''>

Blank ;'>



Blank ;'>

COPYCAT! COPYCAT! Buti nga sayo :P


Blank ;'>

Ok, say you were in a hotel by yourself at night. You looked out the window and across the way you saw an attractive guy "enjoying himself" in his room. He had no idea you could see. Would you watch? Or close the blinds?

I will close the blinds.

Blank ;'>

Because of the insecurity.

You know what? The girls are my haters. Because of my insecurity, they Think that I am a whore. And they said I am a COPYCAT. EM. It's for everybody. =)) I cry. But I think, it's bettter nevermind them. I am not weak and looser like what they always think.


I miss blogging. Twitter has no space. >D LOL. Eventhough I have no followers. These blogspot it's like a lot to me =))

Dude, walang gamot sa insecurity. Hahaha!

Di na 'ko insecure sa'yo ngayon. It's baddd. Tska di ko na gagawin yun.Maniwala ka man o hindi.

Blank ;'>

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good thing you know that. Manahimik ka na ng di ka napapahiya ha? Sasagot ka pa e.

Yes ma'am.

Blank ;'>

Stupid! Kami nga ang nahamon sayo. Ang sssslllloooowwww mo. =))) Stupid, stupid, stupid!

HAHAHA. Sorry. Ang stupid kow.

Blank ;'>


Hindi namn ako nanghahamon e. Hahaha.

Blank ;'>

Yun na nga e. Hindi nakikita ni Kat yang ginagawa mo. Kaya nga kami yung nakikipag usap sayo e. At chaka eh kung kami nga tong nakikipagusap sayo, ayaw mong tumigil, si Kat pa kaya. Abusado ka kse mabait sya, pero pg nalaman nya to, ewan ko na lang sayo

K. Ako na bahala dun.The End na.

Blank ;'>

5 days nga, pag nalaman niya to, magagalit ulit yun sayo no! Tyka msyado ka e, porket mabait si Kat inaabuso mo. Kala mo hndi sya magagalit sa mga pinaggagagawa mo. Asa ka!

No bayan.Kung tinitigilan niyo na 'to. Di sana tapos na. Tska. Kung magagalit man c Kat. Hayaan ko siya. Siya yung ginawan ko ng masama, hindi kayo.

Talk to me freak ;'>

Lakas mo a sa formspring e no. Pakita ka kaya! Kahit naman mas matanda ka samin, kaya ka namin no. Mas magiging masaya kami kung titigil ka na no!

Tumigil na 'ko. 5 days na nakakaraan. Binago ko na Theme ko. Dinisable ko na yung account ko sa Tumblr. Bawal pa la ko dun? Why naman?

Talk to me freak ;'>

E ikaw lang naman talaga ang insecure e. Gumagawa ka ng way para magalit kami sayo. Pag nalaman ni Kat 'to, patay ka na naman dun. Tae ka kasi e.

5 days na nakaklipas matapos yung day na nagaway kame. ba't naman ako magiging patay? Tinigilan ko na ka'yo ah. Tska. Tama na. Please? Kasi nasasayang lang time niyo sakin.

Talk to me freak ;'>

Nanahimik. Tigilan mo 'ko. Kilala kita no. Gagawin mo lahat para magaya si Kat. Trying hard ka. Naku, plastic ka e. Wag ka na mag tumblr, di ka bagay dun :))))):P

E di ididisable ko na yung account ko. Anyabang mo naman. Grabe ka. Masaya ka na? Feeling mo napaka galing niyo.

Talk to me freak ;'>

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Saturday, April 24, 2010


First impression lasts. I backstubb first, then I sorry, then I was pretty insecured then I sorry. I think, they will never trust me again. it's my fault. But, I always sorry to them, promise it was sincered. For now, I still hope that we will be friends again. God forgive us, a million times. So his mankind will do too. Ü I feel down, I treat myself as nothing. But, I've learned that it's a simple thing. Don't get affected.


Nowadays, I will avoid insecurity. I can't control it but fine, I have my own life style. Prove to them that you're better and you can do more.

Swimming to Web-browsing. April 24, 2010

Today was my Lola Delay's birthday, we have reunion today. Swimming at Pansol, Bulacan. Overnight, hmm. Not that sad but my mother don't alow me to be there. We have financial problems, we don't have the ability to share foods. And it was the time that my cousin Kuya Poy was his day off, no one will stay in our store if I will go there. We have our loading, some monkey businesses. My cousins in my mother side told to closed our store for the mean time and it was a once in a year enjoyment. :( I don'y know. I get mad and sad. I can't swin through the whole summer. But, I got the point of my mother. It's not good to enjoy when you have problems, specially financial problems, and if we're going to close our store, after the swimming we don't have money to buy our needs. And she told, we will able to swim when the problem was solved.
Hmm. I am now happy. Nothing to worry. There are lots of time to enjoy but not for now. For now, I lend my time here in blogging.