Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Saturday, April 24, 2010


First impression lasts. I backstubb first, then I sorry, then I was pretty insecured then I sorry. I think, they will never trust me again. it's my fault. But, I always sorry to them, promise it was sincered. For now, I still hope that we will be friends again. God forgive us, a million times. So his mankind will do too. Ü I feel down, I treat myself as nothing. But, I've learned that it's a simple thing. Don't get affected.


Nowadays, I will avoid insecurity. I can't control it but fine, I have my own life style. Prove to them that you're better and you can do more.

Swimming to Web-browsing. April 24, 2010

Today was my Lola Delay's birthday, we have reunion today. Swimming at Pansol, Bulacan. Overnight, hmm. Not that sad but my mother don't alow me to be there. We have financial problems, we don't have the ability to share foods. And it was the time that my cousin Kuya Poy was his day off, no one will stay in our store if I will go there. We have our loading, some monkey businesses. My cousins in my mother side told to closed our store for the mean time and it was a once in a year enjoyment. :( I don'y know. I get mad and sad. I can't swin through the whole summer. But, I got the point of my mother. It's not good to enjoy when you have problems, specially financial problems, and if we're going to close our store, after the swimming we don't have money to buy our needs. And she told, we will able to swim when the problem was solved.
Hmm. I am now happy. Nothing to worry. There are lots of time to enjoy but not for now. For now, I lend my time here in blogging.