Saturday, July 2, 2011

I just want to share what I feel inside. Yeah, I'm very very very happy about what I have now. Maybe you don't have an idea what was it, right? Even though love tested us, he still fight for me, he don't want me to let go our love just because many people knows about our relationship and it will be fucked up I'm sure, yeah because what my mom always saying that I should study first. I don't know why I go beyond their limit and I should be used to it. We need to get over it. So after the issue, I decided to have a break-up and all of my classmates have knew that we've been split-ed. But the truth is we're still in a relationship. I hope everything will be okay although everything is hidden. I want a vivacious life. And I know I will get it, soon. Sorry if I've been a hard headed this time, I just don't want to waste this precious opportunity.
Every weekends we have a midnight phone calls. Jokes, fights, I love you's everything under the sun, I'm enjoying, superb.


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